Dreamwars Deluxe Edition – Limited Edition



Dreamwars Deluxe Edition – Limited Edition

You will receive a copy of the Kickstarter Deluxe Edition of Dreamwars,

The Deluxe Edition will also include:

  • any element in the  DREAMWARS core box,
  • a limited edition cover of the game box,
  • 3 dice sets representing the three Nemesis factions,
  • 3 Nemesis Horde bags,
  • The Dreamwars Artbook (fully printed, not a pdf),
  • 3 Bookmarks for the Ordeals book,
  • Horrors Hunter Expansion

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Deluxe Edition

Dreamwars Core box – Royal Art Games – Steampunk Horror Board Game


released may 15, 2017.
Note: estimate date and subject to change.

Founded by Kickstarter

Dreamwars is a new board game set in a breathtaking, brand new steampunk horror setting where every choice has a consequence. The game is cooperative and playable by 1 to 8 players, while the setting is characterized by its own sense of style, refined and unique: a rich setting, horrible creatures and an articulate story fabricated to build up a thrilling world where the players can immerse themselves completely. Mysterious and terrifying beings await in the dark recesses of a strange, ever-changing world, while their contorted and inhuman masters plan on the fall of the free peoples. What are you going to do when the last Cantico will be sang, the last sword will be broken and the last bullet will be shot?

  • cooperative game for 1 to 8 players featuring 70 playable scenarios,
  • enough content for more than 500 hours of play
  • new gaming mechanics easy to learn
  •  modular scenarios that you can suspend between chapters and resume when you want
  • 9 branched Ordeals whose endings will reflect what happened during the game
  • great gaming variety thanks to our Adventure decks and Events decks
  • 8 high-quality miniatures of the playable Heroes