Chronicles of Ylen

Chronicles of Ylen

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Dreamwars is set on the world of, a lush and savage place where the struggle for survival is never ending. Humans, the youngest of the free peoples, base their civilization on the steam technology, fuelled by the mysterious and ancient Dreamstones. Previous practices and traditions have been forgotten or declared forbidden, even though the tales of men capable of shaping the world with the sound of their voice never really ceased to be told and heard. However Mankind’s first enemy is its greed. In the cursed city of Ekathon, the things that once were men, worshippers of the horrors beyond the threshold, are determined to use the power of the Dreamstones for a far worse purpose: let the monstrous Cold Gods from the Dream Realm enter reality.

The Dreamstones are artefacts as old as history itself that, as their name suggests, can absorb the energy of the dreams: their power grows stronger depending on how many sentient creatures live near them. Although no man knows where the Dreamstones came from, other older peoples remember and fear their true nature. The Evarin, a noble and ancient race which abandoned their cities and decided to live in the wilderness centuries ago, know that the power of the Dreamstones comes with a price: should the energy of the dreams stored inside a Stone be corrupted, it would cause a cataclysm no living being could survive. This is why the Evarin decided to live scattered into small settlements all across Ylen and how they came into contact with the Wildkin, a people of fierce feline-looking humanoids. However not all the Evarin agreed to abandon the power of the Dreamstones: some of the most ancient ones had become so obsessed by them that decided to live in complete isolation. These are the Nightwitch, fairytale monsters become true, stealers of dreams and flesh, so corrupted by the Dreamstones that they tend to grow a crystalline body themselves over time.

Dreamwars: be careful what you wish for…

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