DREAMWARS kickstarter processing

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By supporting us in our Kickstarter campaign you will receive the following game box and its content. Please, keep in mind that the design of some of the gaming elements is still work in progress and may be perfected before the game is released.

  • Kickstarter Campaign Ends
  • Pledges are charged.
  • Survey sent confirming email addresses.
  • Pledge Manager sent to backers confirming add-on purchases, extras and taking payment for shipping.
  • Pledge Manager deadline – any late confirmations after this deadline will be shipped from Italy after all other pledges are completed and may incur into additional costs.
  • Production
  • China starts packing orders to Italian hub.
  • China sends prepacked orders by sea freight to Italian hub.
  • Italian hub receives items and begins packing and shipping.
  • Italian hub receives items, ships everything to backers within 2 weeks.
  • Italian hub completes shipping of the RoW orders.


Late orders confirmation and fulfillment of customer service claims for missing/broken items sent in to support@royal-art-games.com